Plots in Želviai village of 8.25 and 4.51 acres



Have you ever dreamed of owning a property near the Basel Sea? Are you tired of the noise of the city and just want to escape and be close to the city?

Near Palanga, near HBH, near the sea.

Don’t wait, because others will take advantage of this opportunity.

Two connecting plots just one and a half kilometres from the Palanga city limit. The plots are accessed by a road, which is accessible at any time of the year. The plots are surrounded by mature pine trees.

The total area of the plots is 5.16 ha

Cadastral measurements of the plots

First plot:

*Use purpose: Agriculture

*Area of the land plot: 3.3393 ha

*Agricultural land productivity score: 24.9

*Price: 33,393.00 (1000 € / ha)

The second plot of land:

*Use purpose: Agriculture

Area of the land plot: 1.8270 ha

Agricultural land productivity score: 25.0

Price: 18,270.00 (1000 € / ha)

Price of two merging plots with a total area of 5.16 ha 51,663.00 €
Plots sold together


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